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Things You Should Know About Census Work


Supervisor is the team lead of between three and six pairs of Enumerators. S/he works closely with the Field Coordinator.

Duties of a Supervisor in Census

i. Handles all difficulties the enumerators might report to him/her, including non-contacts and refusals

ii. Checks that enumerators have visited all dwellings in the Enumeration Areas (EAs) assigned to their team.

iii. Establishes good working relationships with military, civil, village head and other authorities to ensure that work goes smoothly

iv. Carries out monitoring visits in each EA and makes a daily report to the Field Coordinator on the progress of the census work.

v. Ensure as much as possible the security of enumerators working under him/her.

vi. Clears the enumerators after completion of their task.

vii.Supervisor should vave survey field experience, have managerial skills and speak the language of the local community.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Supervisor is N130,000 – N230,000


Enumerators are key to the census process and as such are the front-line soldiers in the entire census army.

Duties of an Enumerator in Census

i. To interact with the public and obtain census data.

ii. To interview all households and individuals in the EAs assigned, using the appropriate forms/questionnaire in the Electronic Data Collection Device and complete the record of work.

iii. Responsible to, and report back to his/her Field Supervisor daily.

iv. Receive instructions and feedback if any, from the Data Quality Manager through Data Quality Assistant in the LGA.

v. Refers to the DQM and DQA for support on PDA issues for troubleshooting if the issue cannot be handled by the supervisor or field coordinator.

vi. An Enumerator should be able to speak the language of the local community and should have basic Literacy in Mathematics.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for an Enumerator is N100,000 – N220,000

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