Reason why NPC Postpone Census Training Activities.

Reason why NPC postpone the Census training activities

NPC training postpone is guinene and come under duress, below are some of the reason.

  1. SHORTLISTING:- in yesterday meeting between NPC State officials and federal Chairman of NPC discuss about the delay placing of shortlisted NPC candidate and list didn’t meet the amount required NPC Enumerator and supervisor, that is the reason why they postponed the training untill the amount of supervisors and enumerators meet the amount required for census activities.
  2. CHANGE OF TRAINING TACTICS: NPC technical team assured that they foresight problems if they system of training was not change.
    First the planning was made as each Enumerator will count 1 EA now they want to create a team of Enumerators which contains 5 members 4 among them will have PDA to collect the relevant details the remaining one person will be for work Reverse, so they can count more than one EA from one EA to another, and also the person who work as PDA can reserve to E.A, E.A to PDA just in order to make the work interesting as the change of role will apply.
  3. LACK OF STABLE TRAINING CLASSES:- Those who Responsible for training classes assured that some classes lack chairs some complain they don’t get permission from the school management yet.
  4. IMPROVE THE AMOUNT OF TEACHERS:- in each class 3 teacher was required in a class of 40 candidate. But now in each class won’t get more than 2 so they need to recruit some teachers.
  5. Related NPC confirm the date of census

PERMISSION:- The commissioner of NPC order them to go and solve all the problems with a short period of time so they will decide and fix another date of NPC Enumerator and supervisor training ahead of 2023 census activities.

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